Skyline Civil Group:
How Does The Cloud Save You Money?

Midland, TX | The Permian Basin | Odessa, TX

Our network of digitally linked engineers means your construction project and development goals will be successfully completed on time and on budget. Our top priority is to help manage every step from due diligence, platting, and design documents to construction completion.

With an estimated 15-20% savings for most clients, our web based infrastructure means low overhead for everyone.

Skyline Civil looks forward to being part of your project.


Stephen Marcum attended Texas Tech University, graduating in 2007 with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering.  He went on to work for several engineering firms in the Dallas – Fort Worth Area before meeting his wife, Jennifer, and moving to her home town of Midland, TX.  Since then he has come to think of Midland as his home, and celebrated the birth of his daughter there in 2014.  After moving, Stephen spent two years working for other companies before deciding to start Skyline Civil Group with a goal of complete project management while saving money using digital trends to minimize work flow and space management.